Nail Design ~ Angry Birds lt3

4 years ago

A friend suggested i did angry bird nails so i decided to give them a try! I know their not perfect and i am planning on re-doing them but their still pretty cute :)
*white nail polish
*black nail polish
*red nail polish
*yellow nail polish
*blue nail polish ( i would recomend using a lighter shade than i did)
*green nail polish- light & dark ( again i would recomend a lighter shade)
All of my nail polishes are in nail art pens and i used the nib/pen end for the detail :)
<3 step 1~ Paint each nail a differant colour (red, yellow, blue, white and green) You don`t need to do the same order it`s totally up to you. Leave them to dry before moving on to the next step.
<3 step 2~ Paint the white over the nail tips which need it (red & yellow). On the other nails paint the beaks (in yellow) and on the pig add a lighter green nose. Also paint on the eyes (in white). After that has dried add the eyebrows on the yellow bird and all the other red details. Allow these to dry so they don`t smudge in the next step.
<3 step 3~ To finish of these nails take the black and outline the beaks and eyes and add the rest of the detail such as the tufty feather bits and the eyebrows on the red bird.
<3 optional step~ Once nails are completely dry, prevent design from chipping by using a top coat.
I hope you enjoy the design. It helps to google `angry birds` to get a better look at them so your nails are more accurate. They do take a bit of time but i think they`re worth it :D

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