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5 years ago

Hello Luuux beauty dolls!

While I was watching some videos, I found this ad next in the same webpage, so since I was curious, I clicked on it and see if it is really true.

This is supposed to to be a vending machine where you get your nail art done. You can choose over a thousand desings and it takes about 1 minute to work per nail. This concept must be pretty new, because I didn`t seen any machine of those around here yet.

How does it work?? As far as I understood, it is something like a printer, it prints the design you choose on your finger nail. I don`t know how long does it stays on your nail though. Maybe you`ll need a good top coat after you`re done it.

In my opinion, I don`t know if it could be better than doing it yourself with any stamp/ sticker nail art that is already in the market. Faster?? yes, I think it could be faster... but I think is a very neat concept. I would like to give it a try if a see some of this vending machines around.

So, what do you think? would you give it a try, at least just because for curiosity??

Don`t forget lo leave your comments, I`ll retun the favor.

Thanks for reading!!

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