Nail Art: Multi-Lines

4 years ago

Heres my nail art for the week. I did this random pattern because I needed to use my art liner polishes. It was actually SUPER easy to do!!! I`m happy with the color combination because they all work well together. The pattern is similar to a "zebra" print but just with much more lines.

1. BASE COLOR: NYC `134 French White Tip` polish - less than $2 @ Walmart. This pure white polish is VERY streaky but nicely opaque. Obvious streaking with 2 coats but it doesnt matter because the lines will cover it later. Wait for this to DRY completely before doing your design.

2. ART LINER: From the brands Kiss & LA Colors. You can find these at Target or CVS (soft pink, black, & sky blue). Art liner polishes with thin brush applicators.

3. Start with the Black first. Make between 2-3 lines on both sides of each nails. Leave spaces in-between lines so that u can add the pink and blue later. A tip is to NOT make the lines too straight. Want to angle them a bit.

4. Use the Blue next. Repeat the line process, filling in the gaps between the previous black lines. Its okay that they overlap slightly.

5. Use the Pink. Now start adding lines to where you see the white base. Again, 2-3 strokes on each side of the nails.

The key is to keep the lines consistent and have a steady hand. Do small strokes and lift the brush up at the ends (to create the tail part of the line). Always start the lines from the skin part (cuticle) of your fingers and going INWARDS toward the center of the nail bed.

Definitely need to finish it off with a good, clear TOP COAT like Seche Vite. I HOPE the directions werent too confusing and helpful for you.

Although this design is possible with many colors, I do recommend you use a WHITE BASE COLOR just to make the lines pop more.

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