Nail Art Goodies from California

4 years ago

During my trip to California I don`t think I did a lot of shopping there. I guess
with the two days concert I went to kind of took the time out. If I can remember
it was maybe the third day being in California for the first time. My little sister`s
boyfriend cousin wanted to stopped by a place called Phuoc Loc Tho which one
well known as the Asian Garden Mall.

I can`t remember what store I got these nails goodies from. No joke all of the stores
looks the same so I can`t tell you what store it is unless I find my receipt. LOL Which
I know I have lying somewhere in my purse. I bought something similar in Dollar Tree,
but I thought these were different from what I have. Since they were only $1.99 why not right?

<strong>FIRST PICTURE: </strong> The first thing I spotted were these nail art fimo that were
already slices into small pieces. I don`t know a lot about this, but I do remembered seeing
something like this on eBay. Online you can see it as a nail art fimo canes rods if I can remember?
They`re nail decorations for acrylic nails decals which are use to make your nail design looks pretty.
I have yet to use it, but I`m thinking about doing something with my nails with these. Lol To use these
all you need to do is apply glue or any clear polish on the nails. Use the wooden stick they`ve provided
to apply the decal and lastly let it dry for a bit. Apply clear top coat. I would probably apply a clear coat
under the decal just so it won`t get messy.

The set comes with:
- a wheel of nail art fimo decals
- 1 wood stick

<strong>SECOND & THIRD PICTURES: </strong> I`m sure a lot of you have seen these around before. Basically
they`re rhinestone in different colors. I decided to pick up the circle and flower shaped ones. I think that`s
all they had anyways. LOL It comes with 12 different colors making it 24 if were to add those two sets
together. These are very popular when you`re decoration your nails. I can`t wait to use this. I love how
it comes in a little clear case. I should`ve taken a picture of it out the box. -_- Maybe next time when I use
it for my nails.

1. Do you order these nails decals, rhinestones on eBay?
2. Do you like to shop for nails decorations online?

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