Nail Art - Avengers

4 years ago

So this wasn`t my idea. I actually saw another post on it and I thought it was the coolest thing ever and decided to paint this on my nails. I haven`t done nail art in quite some time so I decided that this would be a good comeback nail art after my "hiatus"

For those who don`t know Avengers. . .shame on you. JK It`s a group of superheroes like the Justice League but it`s Justice League. Some of you will probably recognize it because the trailer has been playing for it for quite some time now since Avengers is coming out next week. Yes, I know, in the movie it`s Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, and Black Widow so you`re probably thinking why the heck Spiderman is on my hand. But if you read the comic you know that Spiderman joins the Avengers later on and personally I think Spiderman is cooler than Hawkeye and Black Widow (plus those two don`t really have defining attributes that would make it obvious that it was them on my fingers).

If you`ve noticed from the other photos, on my other hand I did the bottom half of each super hero so when I put my hands together, it completes the superhero. Like for hulk, it`s his abs, for Iron man it`s his chest, etc. . .

That`s my NOTD. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Any of you looking forward to the Avengers? If so, who`s your favorite?

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