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Next on my tour of must visit beaches of North Carolina we come to the beach settlement of Nags Head. Located in Dare County, Nags Head is the oldest beach resort town in North Carolina dating back to 1830, although the settlement`s history goes back much further. There`s been plenty of history in this little town. It got it`s name becasue of lights that use to be huge around the necks of mules and goats (Nags) that would lure unsuspecting ships into the dangerous sandbars just off the coast. There the ships would then be plundered of their valuables. One of the highest concentrations of shipwrecks can be found just off the coast of Nags Head. So there`s plenty of chances to scuba dive the area. Nags Head isn`t only famous for it`s name and history, the tallest sand dune on the East Coast can be found here. Jockey`s Ridge. Jockey`s Ridge stands a whopping 100ft high (about 30 1/2m). Jockey`s Ridge and it`s surrounding tall dunes were turned into a state park, Jockey`s Ridge State Park. Sadly there are no campgrounds the area and the state park is a day only park and is closed at night. Thanks to the steady winds coming off the ocean Jockey`s Ridge has some of the best hang-gliding on the east coast you`ll ever find. In fact the largest hang-gliding school in the world, Kitty Hawk Kites, can be found here. Kite flying is also huge here. Nags Head`s beaches themselves are incredibly beautiful and they are open year round. Being the oldest beach resort town in the state there are plenty of Historic resort hotels in the area plus many new ones. Also becasue of historic past there`s plenty of Museums in the area as well. Many of them dedicated to Nature, and several about the historical past of the area including history about the famous Pirate Blackbeard who use to prowl along these waters and the rest of the Carolina Coasts. With the exception of Jockey`s Ridge State Park, there are several campgrounds in the area. There`s also plenty of picnic areas too. There are also several mini golf courses and small amusement centers with go-karts and bumper cars for the kids (and those still a kid in heart). There`s also 3 piers along the beach Nags Head Pier, Jennette`s Pier, and Outer Banks Pier; all of which are famous for great fishing. With the steady wind the surfing, boogie boarding, and skim surfing along with sailboarding and kite boarding are also very popular and some of the best. So if you you`re looking for a resort beach town with some great history and modern amenities, then Nags Head is the prefect beach resort for you!

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