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*my photo* I finally got my nacho fix! haha. I`d prefer homemade though.. but my friend & I were craving this so badly that we just stopped by the nearest 7-11. For chips and however much cheese, chili & other toppings you wanted for only $2.69, we decided to just do this instead of getting the real/better ingredients. We weren`t that hungry and this filled us up pretty quick!

Since my friend REALLY WANTED A TON OF CHEESE, I layered the bottom of the tray with cheese, dumped half the chips in, added a second layer of cheese, poured in the rest and added more cheese. What a terrible idea! Our cheese to chili ration was TOTALLY OFF because the chili machine was broken. )= When the cashier fixed it, it took waaay too long for chili to come out and we were impatient hahaha. I managed to get a pretty good amount of chili but not compared to the cheese. Then we topped it off with a corner full of diced onions and jalapenos! Myyyy favorite!

This was a terrible idea. Cheese and chili was dripping all over the place.. LOL. I`ve done this before but I don`t know why I didn`t think of it at the time. The best way to ever buy 7-11 nachos is to keep the chips in the prepackaged bag and fill the tray with as much chili and cheese and toppings you want! Best bang for your buck and you don`t end up with a hot mess like me!! HAHAHA!! Oh well, lesson learned and will def not be forgotten again.

Ever had 7-11 nachos? Probably the most unhealthiest thing. Good thing I got full really fast and barely ate any! haha.

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