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Hi guys,

In this post, I will be showing you the way my make up collection is stored in my room. Ive decided to do separate post on my actual make up collection because otherwise this post would be filled with writing and thats rather boring(!) I hope you enjoy this and get ideas on how you can store your make up.

First of all I dont have a vanity or dressing table in my room because I dont have enough space but hopefully in the future Ill get one, because I think they look so cute. I have a medium sized cupboard in my room, in which there are three section divided with shelves. In my middle shelf I keep all my make up bits and bobs.

I turn into a complete clean freak, when it comes to the organisation of my room. I admit that sometime (especially during exams) my room can be gets a bit cluttered, but i cannot stand things being dirty and messy!

In this shelf I have organised my make up in a few different ways. I keep some of my everyday make up in a little basket type storage box. In here I usually keep things that I use on most day like concealer, powder and BB cream. Those types of things. I got this from a store called Tiger.

Then Keep my make up brushes in a Pot/ Holder type thing, which has two separate part. In the slightly larger part I keep my face Brushes, an in the slightly smaller one I keep my eye brushes. This was also from Tiger.

Then I have a really cute pot, where I keep all my mascaras and pencil/ kohl eye liners. Im not so sure where this is from.

Then I have these two clear acrylic boxes ( which are actually ferrero rocher boxes... YUM!) I find they fit most of my eye shadow palettes almost perfectly seeing as I dont own large palettes. I also keep my lip products in another.

Lastly I have my main items in a little set of drawers. I bought this a while ago, when I was younger from an art and craft fair. In the first draw, I do not keep make up products but I keep my acne treatment, vitamins etc..
Then in the second drawer, I keep my eye shadows, other eye products and eye bases, Basically eye related products.
Then in the third, I keep my foundations, tinted moisturiser and concealer.
Lastly in the last drawer, I keep blushers and powders.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and also got some ideas. Ill have a post coming up on my actual collection and the product I own.
Have a nice day! x
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