MzRebel`s 2012 Favourites: Skincare!

4 years ago

I`ve been loving all the YouTube videos and Luuux posts on everyone`s favourites so I decided to do my own version as well! I have quite a few, so I`ve decided to do a separate post for the different categories. For this post, I`m sharing my skincare favourites of last year! I did not do many favourites posts last year so this is kind of my way of sharing everything that I loved, and loved enough to pick out for the whole year, with you guys.

<b>Makeup Removal</b>
1. <i>Bioderma</i>: I discovered this product mid-way through this year after tons of reviews online talked about how amazing it was for cleaning your skin. I`ve been using this as my eye makeup remover recently as well as for my face after a wipe to make sure I get everything!
2. <i>Pond`s Makeup Remover Wipes</i>: I`ve tried tons of different makeup wipes this year and these have to be my absolute favourite! These are great value and do the amazingly. Plus, they smell awesome!

<b>Acne System</b>
<i>Proactiv</i>: To be honest, Proactiv has been my favourite acne-fighting system for the last TWO years. It`s done wonders for my skin and I haven`t wanted or had to try anything else!

<b>Face Primers & Serums</b>
1. <i>Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential Eye Zone Boosting Serum</i>: I`ve gone through two bottles of this product in this last year. I would be on the third bottle right now if this wasn`t so darn expensive. However, I can`t deny that this is my favourite eye serum and that nothing has compared before or afterwards!
2. <i>MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50</i>: I haven`t tried too many sunscreens for the face tbh, but this summer this was essential in my makeup routine because of how long I spent outside! I typically have sunscreen in my face products somewhere, but this was great for picnic and beach days!

<b>Eye & Face Creams</b>
1. <i>Clinique All About Eyes Rich</i>: I absolutely love this for my eyes! I have tried a few other ones (by cheaper as well as more expensive brands) and I don`t find that anything hydrates and depuffs like this cream does (for me)!
2. <i>Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer</i>: I started using this midway through this year and I "positively" love it, lol. It is amazing for hydrating the skin and making a great slate for my makeup. I loved it while it lasted, but since I`ve been running out and using some other creams, it`s made me realize even more how great this product was!

I hope you guys enjoyed my skincare favourites of 2012! Like this post if you did and please follow me to be notified of future posts! Happy Luuuxing!

All images and opinions are my own.

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