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4 years ago

Hi everyone,

This is maybe the biggest myth and we all believe it works. So we are told that we need to cut/trim our hair every 4- 6 weeks to have nice hair growth. This is kind of false because if you think about it, cutting hair will not help the hair is actually doing the opposite. The key is to have healthy scalp because that`s where your hair is growing from...everything below is dead keratin.

The reason you may want to cut your hair is to prevent split ends but you don`t have to follow the guideline of 4-6 weeks. If you see yourself having split ends then go for hair trim even if it is after 10 weeks. If you grow plants or read about growing, you will know the technique called "pruning"....which is basically cutting off sucker branches so all the nutrient goes to main branch and fruits rather than to suckers to grow more leaves and branch. Same goes to hair...if you have a lot of split ends then your nutrient is going to make split ends bigger rather than your normal hair grow. I hope this kinda made sense....

In my experience, you do not need to get hair trim to have healthy hair....After first coming to USA, for 5 years I did not bring scissor to my hair...I had crazy split ends....(I counted 17 split ends on one hair)...but I had hair up to my waist, I kid you not...and everyone praised my hair because they were pretty straight, and thick. Now I am not saying to stay away from cutting your hair for that long....but just showing you the reason why I made this post.

So go by your judgement and don`t have to follow that time period that is always given to you. I hope this post helped to think about your next salon trip :)

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