Mysterious Circle Design Found Underwater in Japan

4 years ago

This is pretty interesting, because it`s underwater - it`s not something like those crop circles! This was found underwater in Japan... now, who or what do you think did this??
This was located 80 ft. below sea level. This circle is approximately 6.5 feet, and it`s all sand. No other materials involved.
So, who was the culprit?! It`s a puffer fish only a few inches long! It does this to attract mates. Apparently they lay their eggs in the center of this intricate circle. ALSO, the more "riffles" the puffer fish creates, the more likely it is to attract a mate. The design on the edges are used as a protection against ocean currents! How neat is that?

I find it really interesting that the puffer fish would know how to do that. Nobody programmed it in them, but just like a bird knows how to make a nest and lay their eggs there, this little fish knows what to do!

Thoughts on this little neat design?

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