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This is a bit of a late post but I always lag on posting my finished products just because these posts tend to be really lengthy and take up a bit more time. These were the products that I finished during the months of November and December. To see my last post of the products that I finished during October 2012, click /viz/mylinhs-finished-products-october-2012 Like always, product names that have a hyperlink included are products that I have done separate more in-depth reviews for, so click them to check it out if you would like to find out more :) 1)
Epielle Aloe Vera Cleansing Tissues: I purchase these from Big Lots, they retail for $2 for 60 wipes or $1 for 30 wipes. There are several varieties of these Epielle wipes and out of the ones that I have tried, these Aloe Vera ones are my favorite because they are the most moist and takes off my makeup a lot better than the other varieties. This will definitely be a repurchase, I`ve gone through so many of these. 2)
Derma E Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate Wrinkle Treatment Creme: I didn`t use this moisturizer to prevent wrinkles since I don`t have any, however, this was a really nice moisturizer! It was lightly fragranced and smelled like jasmine and overall, I really liked using this at night. This is a repurchase, I already have a second tub. 3)
/viz/review-bio-oil-4: I think it`s a waste to use this on your body because it`s rather expensive. I love using it on my face, especially during the times when my face was extremely dry due to my pimple treatments. I would use this Bio-Oil after cleansing, massage it into my skin, then layer a moisturizer on top. This is a repurchase, I currently have the larger Bio-Oil bottle. 4)
/viz/jonathan-product-redo-freshen-mist-hair-skin:I purchased this product at Marshalls for around $5 when the regular retail price was $18. It`s supposed to be a refreshing mist that can be used on both your hair and your skin. I hardly ever use it on my hair but I do love using this for my skin. It`s basically rose water and I find that it really refreshes my skin on days where it`s dull and dry. This works a bit like MAC Fix+. I currently have another bottle of this, will buy more if I can find it in store. 5)
Alba Aloe & Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer: I thought I did a review on this already but I can`t find the post through Google, oh well. This is a fantastic moisturizer for day time, it`s lightweight yet still moisturizing and it smells really nice. I really like the Alba brand in general, although their products are more pricey. I`ll eventually repurchase this in the future. 6)
Prescription Care Acne Cleanser (Step 1): This is part of a 3-part system that is similar to the Proactiv system. This was purchased at Big Lots for $5. I purchased two kits, one for myself and the other for my boyfriend and I think this cleanser did help with the blemishes. I`ll do a more in-depth review of the complete kit later on but I will repurchase this in the future if needed. 7)
/viz/review-walgreens-benzoyl-peroxide-gel-holy-grail: View the post and you would know that this is my holy grail acne spot treatment. It has 10% Benzoyl Peroxide, which I find to be really effective on my skin. This used to be available at Walgreen stores at the promo price of 2 for $5 but I don`t see that deal anymore, unfortunately. It`s still very affordable though around $4-5 each. I don`t break out the way I did anymore so I would only repurchase this for my boyfriend! Plus, I`m trying to cut back on the use of BP since I read that it ages the skin. 8)
/viz/review-neutrogena-ultrasheer-dry-touch-sunblock-spf-70: I received this as a sample in a Target Beauty Bag and although I heard a lot of raves about this sunscreen, it`s not my holy grail. I`ve tried better sunscreens and I thought that this sunscreen was a bit hard to blend on the skin. It also did not dry to a matte finish and was also sticky. I feel like the formula also differs depending on the SPF so I would repurchase this in the future, but probably for SPF 45-55. My mom has this sunscreen in SPF 45 and I felt like that formula was a lot better and less sticky. 9)
/viz/review-make-ever-senseyes-waterproof-sensitive-eye-cleanser: I had a crack in my sample bottle and it got all dried up. This was a fabulous makeup remover because it was really gentle on my eyes yet removed even waterproof mascara and the asian fiber mascaras (ridiculously hard to take off). I really liked that this did not give me a cloudy/blurry vision. However, it`s so pricey and I don`t like spending a ton on eye makeup remover so I will not repurchase this. 10)
Clinique All About Eyes: I received a sample of this and it has lasted me for quite a while. This eye cream had the most unique texture to it out of all the eye creams I have tried. It`s a bit thick but smooths out really easily. Once it dries down a bit, it almost feels really silky and sort of like a silicone primer sort of feel. This was moisturizing as well! I don`t have dark circles or puffiness so I can`t attest to those claims. Will probably repurchase in the future. 11)
Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive: I absolutely loved this lash adhesive (way better than Duo) because it gave a much stronger hold and had an easier application. However, the more you use this lash adhesive, the nastier and gunkier it gets... to the point where the glue builds up around the opening of the tube and you cannot close it down all the way, making the product dry up. I won`t repurchase for this reason but it is fantastic. 12)
Burt`s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm: This is just the original variety. It`s a clear waxy lip balm that`s not overly waxy and has a strong peppermint taste to it, which I love. I go through lip balms extremely fast! I won`t repurchase anytime soon since I have other lip balms to finish. 13)
The Body Shop Silver Glitter Eyeliner: I think The Body Shop no longer carries this exact product since it is quite old, but it was a really pretty silver glitter eyeliner. I`ll probably repurchase this but with a cheaper alternative, like the NYX glitter eyeliners. 14)
Chapstick Lip Balm: This is just the lip balm by the brand Chapstick. There`s no mintiness to this but there`s this slight vanilla scent that I really like. This balm applied smoothly and had no color. Will not repurchase anytime soon since I have a lot of other balms to go through. 15)
Murad Sleep Reform Serum: I received a deluxe sample of this through a promotion that Murad had back in 2010. I finally got around to using it and it`s supposed to be a serum that rejuvenates the skin, improve hydration, firmness and texture while you sleep. The concept is great, I felt like it did brighten and smooth out my skin. However, I will not repurchase because it`s crazy expensive - $97 for 1 fl oz at regular price. 16)
Nivea A Kiss of Milk & Honey: I felt like the Nivea Milk & Honey did a good job at moisturizing my lips but I won`t repurchase because towards the end of this lip balm, I felt like it was more waxy than I preferred. I won`t repurchase this specific kind. Hope you guys are getting around to finishing up those products of yours, no matter how big or small they are!

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