MYGLAM Relabeled Fake Product?

I`m pretty sure a few people have already gotten the news, but I just recently found out yesterday afternoon about this. I don`t remember exactly where I read it, but I was led to it through a few different Twitter accounts that I follow.

If you subscribe to <strong>MyGlam Bag</strong>, then you probably received your February bag recently. This bag contained a particular product called <strong>X Out Shine Control</strong>. It`s supposed to be an oil-free formula that helps to eliminate shine. All subscribers received a small 0.75 fl. oz. tube as a sample. However, upon further inspection (and peeling of the label lol) you`ll find that the product appears to be different. The original labeling on the tube is actually for <strong>Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford</strong>: a deep cleansing masque.

These are two completely different products. The <strong>X Out</strong> product is a shine control product that you apply to your face and leave it on to keep your skin hydrated, healthy-looking and shine-free. On the other hand, the <strong>Meaningful Beauty</strong> product is actually a mask that you apply for 15-20 minutes and then wash off.

Many people who have used the product have said that it caused their face to burn and feel irritated. Please be careful and do not use the product as we are not completely certain about what the real deal is as of now. According to a few places that I`ve read, MyGlam has removed all the negative comments about this particular situation. I checked their Twitter and didn`t see any comments about it. I looked at a few of their FB pages and didn`t see any word about it either.

I guess I just wanted to post this as a heads up for those who might not have read about the news yet. I was really disappointed after reading about this, especially because this was my first MyGlam Bag.

<em>Did you hear about this situation too? How do you think they will respond?</em>

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