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This is a late post ><.. i received my bag a while ago.. but forgot to make a post about it.. i guess because like my birchbox i didnt care too much for this.

What did i receive?

<strong>Nyx Roll on Shimmer in Almond - Full Size | 4.50$ value </strong>
Pros: Beautiful color, nice price, good amount of product, very versatile
Cons: Fall out, not as pigmented when blended

-I actually like the color i received.. but being a roll on there is plenty of fall out.. this is probably my favorite thing out of the bag.

<strong>Freeman Facial Hydration Mask in Goji Berry - Sample size (.5fl oz) | 3.99$ value (full size)</strong>
Pros: Very cooling and soothing, easy to apply, easy to remove, very affordable, smells nice
Cons: wash off.. i personally prefer peel off.

-I like this mask.. i just might purchase it.. debating whether i want a wash off or not though.. however, i do have a lot of peel-off ones already.

<strong>Premier Moisture Complex and Cinderella Mask- Sample size (.07fl oz) each (sample size) | approx. 150$ value each (full size)</strong>
Pros: moisturizer very soothing and very moisturizing, smells nice.. have yet to use the mask (will update)
Cons: Expensive

-I like the moisturizer.. but am very annoyed with the sample size. I know i shouldn`t complain.. but just hear me out will ya? First off.. you can get one of these at any premier kiosk.. for free!.. I also checked online.. and the retail of this sample size is $0.00 the same as the deluxe sample size.. so why not give use the deluxe sample size?? what do you guys think? Do you agree?!

<strong>X-out Shine Control- (.75fl oz) each | Free with purchase...</strong>
Pros: dries fast
Cons: watery, makes me itch a little

I hate this.. it makes my skin itch =.=.. and its not moisturizing at all.. and the issue they had with this.. finding out that the company recycled old packaging.. not a big deal.. but wish they would have let people know.. instead of a fellow glammie having to find out for themselves when they tore off the label. And again i have a problem with them giving this to us... hear me out again.. Why would myglam put something in our bags that we cannot purchase alone? This product is a gift with purchase item.. it is not meant to be bought alone.. and is not sold alone.. So why in the world would myglam agree to send us this product? for us to try.. ok i get that.. but please.. at least give us something we can purchase by itself.. and not have to purchase a different item.. just to get this for free... doesn`t make any freaking sense to me.. Do you agree? or am i just hating..

<strong>NuMe Professional Styling Tools and Hair Extensions- | $100 Gift Card</strong>
Pros: 100$
Cons: just about everything on the site.. is over 100$

This was a great idea.. for some people it was great for others it was useless.. for me its useless... the cheapest item on their site is $115.. and shipping is 12 plus tax.. so all together you pay 37$ extra dollars.. and thats just for a mini flat iron.. i dont know i wouldnt mind just receiving this as an extra in the bag.. but it`s one of the 5 items we are suppose to receive in our bags.

I signed up to receive 5 deluxe samples and or possibly full size items to use monthly.. some weren`t even deluxe.. and the certificate? honestly.. i would have rather gotten another sample size product than that.. but that is just my opinion.

Will i continue my sub.? yes i will, just because i like receiving these boxes.. it`s always going to be a hit or a miss.. and this month for me was a miss.. i feel like because they gave us that 100$ gift certificate.. that the rest of the items were not thought out... again just how i feel.

However, myglam is in the works of changing some things.. and trying to figure out the best way to accomodate each glammie. By how to distribute packages.. a new quiz/questionaire, and figuring out a new way to choose what companies and products to give us. Great news right?!! hmm right... then again, shouldn`t all of this already been done before the company launched?!

<strong>Questions for this post:</strong>
Did you like your glambag this month?!
Am i being too harsh about this month`s bag?
What do you think about myglam so far?
What beauty boxes are you subscribed to?

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