My Worst Shopping Experience

Hello Luuuxers! I`m not a big department store shopper, but when I heard that Lord and Taylor was having a HUGE clearance sale, my family couldn`t pass up the chance!

I spent about a half hour going through all the racks and was getting a bit discouraged when I couldn`t find anything that I really liked. I was about to give up when I found the most perfect sweater! It was gray and had a Cat face on it! I`ve been dying for a Kitty sweater and this one fit me perfectly! I noticed when trying it on that there was no price tag, but since I worked in retail I knew that there were ways to look up the sweater or find the SKU number, so off to the register I went!

We got up to the register and I explained that there was no price tag, and thats when the problem started. The sales associate said that she would have to find another sweater in order to get the tag, but then made no move. We asked if she would be able to find one, and she replied that she would have to go through the racks to find one, and that she wasn`t sure if she could look up the sweater in the computer. She then flat out refused to go and look for another sweater to ring up for us. My mom suggested that we try looking ourselves, but after 10 minutes of searching we came up empty handed and just decided to leave.

I was super disappointed that we could not get the sweater, and very angry and surprised that a sales associate would flat out refuse a sale because she didn`t want to try to look for a duplicate sweater. I`m not expecting someone to go completely out of their way for me, but a little bit of service or even trying to call a manager to try to help would have been good. It completely turned me off to the store and I have no future plans to shop there again. I sent an email to Lord and Taylor corporate, but I am not expecting much of an answer or solution in return.

Have any of you guys had a negative shopping experience? How did you handle it? Let me know in the comments!

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