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2 years ago

I have been in the midst of training for a half marathon this coming November. I started out using a cheap Nike sensor that measured how many steps you took and partnered with their iPhone App, but that really got me nowhere and only worked half of the time. I was on a journey to find something a little better and I was considering a fitbit, but I heard people in one of the running Facebook groups I`m in talking about these Garmin GPS watches. I put the word out that I was looking for something better and they led me in the right direction!
I looked at Amazon and they had a few different Garmin runner watches and the one that stuck out the most to me was the Garmin Forerunner 110. It works by GPS to track your running path and your pace.
At the time I purchased it I also had an Amazon Prime account which gave me a discount on the watch.
I got the watch for $85.00 with free 2 day shipping, and the watches retail for $229.00 according to the Garmin website.
I have been using it for almost 2 months now and I LOVE it! I have found that it is super easy to use and understand. The process of connecting it and getting the data off of it is as simple as plugging it in and going to the garmin connect website and clicking 1 button! It`s that simple! It`s also easy to start your run, it takes to buttons to start my run and on the face it tells the time, how long i`ve been running, what my distance is and my pace. The watch can be set to miles or kilometers depending on your training preferences. I keep mine set on Kilometers. You also have the option to attach a heart rate monitor. I haven`t invested in one of those yet, but maybe in the future.
My favorite thing about this watch is that it is SUPER user friendly! I am not the best with technology and I`ve had no problem figuring this out and getting the results from it.
My only con is that I can`t find a comfort setting for it on my wrist, it`s either to tight or to loose. I have found though that I can put it on a belt look or just keep it in my pocket too, and it works perfectly well!
If you`re looking for a GPS watch I really recommend this one!

My run progress was up to a 5k but I got really sick mid May and had to stop running completely. I just restarted this past week and my progress is getting back up there. I can`t wait for my half marathon in November! Did I mention it is at Disneyland in California?
If you want to follow my run progress you can check out my blog!

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