My work out routine!!!

4 years ago

Hello Everybody!!
So i am here with my work out routine. I try to work out 3/5 day out of the week. i go to a local gym near me and they have treadmills, stair steppers, and bikes. also a machine that i dont know what it is called. i walk/run on the treadmill for a mile. i start slow and work my way up to running and try to run for half a mile. next i go on an eliptical and do a regular pace for a little bit, never really kept track). than i go on the bike for 15 minutes. then last but not least i go on a wierd machine and put it on a weight loss setting and do that for 20 minutes. i know reading it looks easy but in all reality i spend about 2 and half hours at the gym, it is alot of work so be careful. also hydrate yourself and if you need to stop, stop. please do not push yourself. and one more thing, strech before working out.
~Cai Luna
Also the only thing the website was used for is the picture of the treadmill.

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