My Wonderful Visit to Paris, France!!

5 years ago

Driving from Lake Lucerne in Switzerland to Paris, France was probably the longest drive throughout our whole entire trip. It took about half the day.

It was a gorgeous trip though. We saw either empty green plains will these mansions or farms with animals running around or we saw vineyards. It was just beautiful and the weather kept shifting from gloomy to partly cloudy. I wish I had pictures of that. Ugh, so beautiful.

So, once we arrived in Paris, we got to our hotel and we needed to get some laundry cleaned because I was tired of walking around all smelly. The evening we got there, our tour group didn`t have anything planned so we just walked around. We had to stay in the hotel anyway because my feet were swollen like crazy.

We wanted to eat in the hotel because they had a little restaurant downstairs. The service was freaking terrible, it was almost embarrassing . The servers were SO rude. My mom and I sat there for 20 minutes waiting while the servers just kept going past us and going to other people. I got pissed so I left and called the hotel management. They didn`t care.

The next day, our tour group left to drive around Paris. My mom and I took pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower, walked around the Notre Dame, and saw so many other things. Paris is just like italy. If you blink, you will miss something amazing.

We got to choose between going to the Luovre or touring Versailles. I personally wanted to go to Versailles because I`m fascinated by the furnishing, the history, the scenery, etc. The damn place goes on forever. I did like it when we went, but unfortunately the place was packed and we were herded like cattle. it was seriously not organized AT ALL. But it was still everything I expected in terms of beauty.

A few hours later, we went back on the bus, met up with the rest of the group that toured around the Luovre, and saw the Red Light District (I think that`s what it`s called) where there`s nothing but hoochie shops all around. I LOVED IT. lol My mom was like O_O though. haha

So yeah. that`s actually the last of our stop. I hope you guys enjoyed reading.

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