My weight loss: Weight watcher #2

4 years ago

When I started WW 3 months ago I never ate my weekly points because I
thought I would lose faster this way. The first 2 months I did lose
weight every week ( 1-2 pounds) which made me happy. The the last 4
weeks I wasn`t losing any. I was thinking to myself, could I be hitting a
plateau already? its only been 3 months!

So I did some extensive research for days and I came across the "Wendie
Plan", if you guys want to read more about it heres the link So basically the plan goes like this, one
day you eat low next day you eat high and you alternate back and forth
each day. Its been month 3 and so far I have lost 16.6 pounds, I`ve
been at this number for 4 weeks now and its getting a bit frustrating. I
decided to switch it up a little bit because I do love routine and
doing the same thing all the time so Im guessing that is not the best
approach in losing weight consistently without hitting plateau. I have
done wendie plan for a week now and lost extra .6 oz not as much as
others that have tried her plan but hopefully will have a bigger lost
next week on this plan. I do however feel bloated so that could also be
the case.

The scale sometimes play tricks on me. This morning my WI started with
170.6 and the first weigh in was 170.0, so I took off my sweatshirt and
the scale said 168.4.... I KNOW my sweater weighs that much? So I
thinking it was this was too good to be true, so I weight myself again,
same thing... So I logged it online feeling good about myself. Then
after breakfast I went back on the scale,( I know I should not obsessed
over weighing myself especially after eating) I went back to 170, so I
went online to re-logged my current weight. So with that being said, 170
is my current weight that means .6 pounds down. I`m hoping for a
bigger change next week because I`ve been wanting to be in the 160`s for
over 4 weeks!

Anyway not like anyone would read this blog anyway but I want to
apologize in advance that my writing skills are weak so bare with me. Im doing this to be HEALTHY and LOOK good.

ST: 187.6
CW: 170
Currently working out 3 days/week
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I put this in Health and beauty because I feel like it does not belong in sport and fitness because I dont talk about my workouts but my health and weight loss.

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