My Weight Loss Routine and Advice!

5 years ago

For the past few months I`ve been on a weight loss journey to lose about 20 lbs. I`ve slowly been learning how my body works when it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle, creating better endurance levels, and my diet.

<strong>Workout Routine</strong>
- 15 minutes of stretching
- 100 squats
- 80 jump ups
- 25-30 minutes on the elliptical with an 8 out of 10 resistance.
- 15-20 minutes walking
- 100 bicep curls
- 300 sit ups
- INSANITY workout

Now, I don`t do all of these in one day. Instead I do 4-5 of these in one day. My goal is for all of my muscles to hurt.

INSANITY is a daily routine I`ve started only a week ago and I have to say, it hurts. lol

<strong>What You Can Do</strong>
- Realize that your diet is 75% and exercise is 25% when it comes to losing weight. You can workout all you want and have your food intake stay the same, but you won`t see any changes to your weight unless of course you were blessed with a fast metabolism.
- It`s true what they say about water. Drink lots of it.
- If your muscles aren`t hurting, you`re not burning enough.

That`s pretty much all I can come up with as of right now.
I`ll keep you guys updated on my weight loss <3

Are you trying to lose weight?
Have you tried INSANITY? How do you like it?

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