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4 years ago

I know I was going to post this tomorrow but I could not wait ^__^

I struggled with a yo-yo weight since my 7th grade year starting with the pattern of fat 7th grade, skinny 8th grade, and so on until my senior year of high school. After graduation, I did not have the yo-yo weight anymore and kept gaining weight. Since I started dating my boyfriend, it took me a total of 5 years to gain extra 50 pounds! I was never over 120 pounds and at my lowest, I was 100 pounds because I was anemic.

Highest: 155 pounds
Lowest: 100 pounds

I am only 52 and 22 years old, according to body calculation, my ideal weight should be in the range of 105 120 pounds. It is not always about the number on the scale but how you feel. Funny how a scale can alter how you feel right? After two-failed gym membership later, I gave up! Until my father-in-law gave me an elliptical machine, I was hooked. I was very hyped the first two months and slacked for about a month and a half (yes, I am being honest, so I will not hide that I have cheat days or not always eating clean)

Starting weight: 155 lbs.
Goal Weight: 115 120 pounds
Current Weight: 128 pounds
Weight lost: 27 pounds!

Tools used:
Elliptical machine
iPhone apps (myfitnesspal, FITTER)
Green Tea Fat Burner pills ($10 Wal-Mart for 90 pills. It gives me energy to workout in the morning or after dinner!)

Workout Plan:
CARDIO! CARDIO! CARDIO! Doing 35-75 minutes of cardio 6-7 days a week.
I know the elliptical is a boring workout especially for a very long period of time. Find music that pumps you up.

-Warm up- 5 minutes bringing heart rate to 140 (it varies for everyone for which point is your burning zone)

-Every 5 minutes, take a 15-30 seconds break. During the 5 minutes, the goal is to aim for at least 50 calories, at the highest setting that you can endure or challenge yourself.

***TIP: Burning 10-12 calories a minute is equivalent to a pace of 3-6 MPH on an elliptical. Some machines will post how fast you are going, apparently mines do not.***

-ALWAYS do 10-15 minutes stretches before and/or after workout! Trust me, you will notice a difference.
Meal Plans:
I do not have a certain type of food or day-to-day meal. It will get boring so do not deprive yourself of foods that you love, except for sodas, sweets, and deep fried. Eating clean is the key here with a workout plan. I consume 1,200 2,000 calories a day and burn about 800 1,000 calories depending how many I ate that day.

*To-do list*
-Drink lots of water!
-Hot plain green tea (no additions)
-Vegetables and fruits daily
-Limit rice and pasta intake to 1-2 times a week
-Lean meat
-Chicken breast
-Fish fillets

*NOT to-do-list*
-White rice
-Processed foods (canned, dried ready to eat food)

Go-to grocery list:
**TIP** Buy main ingredients in bulk
-Chicken breast (skinless & boneless. Trim any leftover fats)
-JennieO ground turkey
-Frozen veggies and fruits
-Whole wheat pastas
-Jewish rye breads
-Fish fillets (tilapia, cod, flounder, and salmon)
-Spices, lots of dry spices
-Lean mean
-Whole eggs & Egg whites
-Wild Rice

-Do not eat after 7 PM
-Do not drink your calories, stick to freshly brewed hot green tea and good old h20.
-Have a cheat day at least once a week or twice a month. Do not deprive yourself.
-Eat clean! No processed foods because they are pack with sodiums!
-Learn to cook to save you money.
-Challenge yourself.
-Do body measurements and weight in once a week to keep you motivated.
-Keep a pack fridge and plan your meal week every Sunday. It helps keep you on track.
-Log in your food intake and put EVERYTHING! (I will review myfitnesspal app soon!)
-Workout with someone to keep you pumped up and motivated.
-Make a weekly goal such as: drink 1 gallon of water, burn total 7,000 calories=2 pounds off, etc.
-Give yourself little gifts for every 5 to 10 pounds lost.
-Find what works for you and stick to it!
-It takes 4 weeks for you to notice the difference and 8 weeks for others to see it!

I am planning to create a blog page dedicated to my healthy changes but I cannot decide.

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