My Weight Loss Goal: Eating Habits

4 years ago

I am in no way saying this will work on everyone nor am I stating that I i`m a professional in anyway. This is just the things that i followed to help with my weight loss goals. It does seem to work for me because today i weighed myself and I am now 140-141 so now. i have lost a total of 11-12 pounds over the past few months.

Dieting/Healthy Eating:
Before starting this goal, I would eat non-stop even when i was full, which I know contributed with the weight gain, as well as the constant snacking on random treats and what not. I researched a lot on weight loss on google and on youtube and developed a plan. The plan includes 5-6 meals a day all around 200 calories ( depended on my mood, sometimes its under 200 and sometimes its a bit over). This calculated ended up being a 1000 to 1200 calories a day plan. And i want to make this clear, I did not starve myself whatsoever. 1200 to 1000 calories a day may seem i bit small but i ate constantly ( around every 2 hours ) and i didn`t just stick to lettuce and water. I mixed it around from eggs, oatmeal, salad, bread etc.

I usually had a small bowl of oatmeal with a bit of honey for flavor and a banana. But this plan was for when i was in a hurry. So if i did have time i would make 1-2 eggs and fruit of my choice.

I ate sandwiches usually for lunch, and i know bread is not the best thing in the world but i still ate it because it was just there and its a much better option then buying something from my school store. I also had an apple with the sandwich which should always be Whole wheat of some kind (never white, I haven`t eaten white bread for years now). The sandwich could be anything from tuna, egg salad and sometime a peanut and jelly sandwich. I just switched it around so it never got boring.

I would usually have around 2 snacks after school because i don`t eat between lunch and I am always the hungriest around the afternoon. I usually sticked with a salad with mushrooms and banana and strawberry fruit salad. Other days i would just make a fruit smoothie using strawberries, bananas and what ever juice i had in my fridge. The smoothies are so filling you would not believe!

I still live with my mother so most of the time i had her dinner and just portion it. For example if the meal was really big i would half it. Or other time if it was extreme unhealthy i would just make my own dinner. Like this week i made stir fry with chicken breast and mixed frozen veggies.

Now if this plan doesn`t make sense in some way then you must know that I did sometimes cheat but I would have it in moderation. Like if i really wanted a cookie, i would take a bit and put the rest away so i could only have the piece i took, because i learned that if i don`t put it away I would just devour it in a minute then feel bad right after.

Tips I`ve learned:
- Only eat when your hungry not when your bored and stop right before you get full
- Never eat the same thing because it will eventually get boring and you won`t be able to stick too it
- Cut portions if unhealthy
-there are 3500 calories in 1 pound therefore to lose one pound you have to decrease your intake by 500 calories to lose at least a pound a day. An average person consumes around 2000 calories a day or something like that but it depends again on the person. So to lost weight, decrease calorie intake by 1200-1500 a day.
-drinking green tea helps detox you body (like a cleanse) and can help with your weight loss. basically it makes you pee and poo a lot more then you usually do.
- Drink water ( which i have to admit that i don`t drink much of, even today because i usually depend on green tea more ) but i hear it good for weight loss... :)

That should be everything i know, If you have any further question please leave it in the comments below. I plan on doing a exercise routine as a separate post because i didn`t anticipated this post being so long ( soorryy if your not so fond of reading D:)

Thanks for Reading!

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