My Week of Trader Joe`s Lunches

4 years ago

I knew I was going to be extra busy this week which is why I stopped by Trader Joe`s Sunday Evening to stock up on Frozen entrees. Sure frozen food is not the best for you, but I was in a time crunch and wanted to have one less thing to worry about in the morning (packing lunch is a chore for me lol).

Naturally I gravitated over to the pasta section. I recently started following the weight watchers plan (on my own, not the actual plan) therefore I made sure that these entrees were less than 7 points plus (which they were). I picked up the Spinach and Cheese Stuffed shells from their "reduced guilt line" (only 270 calories) and their reduced guilt Baked Ziti (only 320 calories). Both of these pasta entrees were absolutely delicious. My favorite wa the Spinach and Cheese stuffed shells because they certainly did not skimp on the cheese and did I mention they were less than 300 calories?

For Wednesday`s lunch I went with the Cheese and Green Chile tamales that my cousin recommended. These were fantastic! One tamale contains 280 pounds so I only ate one (6 points plus) and a serving of my favorite baked snack which are the inner peas (soooo good). I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed these tamales. I am Mexican and grew up eating the best tamales ever, however these were not bad at all. Better than other frozen tamales I have tried. Definitely not spicy which is the only bad thing I can say about these though but there are really yummy....and gluten free!

On Thursday I decided to eat half a can of of TJ Turkey chili with beans. I can`t remember how many calories this was but I believe it was about 6 Points plus if I am not mistaken. I thought this was going to be nasty but it was actually very good. Needless to say Trader Joe`s rarely ever disappoints.

Notice how I didn`t mention anything for Friday? Well I forgot my lunch today so thankfully there is a Trader Joes really close from my work. Will definitely be stopping by there today.

Are you as obsessed with Trader Joe`s as I am?

Those of you who are on WW, can you give me some tips? Fave recipes, best recipe sites, etc?

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