My wall decal- flowers, dandelions, Japanese blossom tree

4 years ago

I actually bought these over the summer but wasn`t motivated to post these up until now! xD I always procrastinate. Anyways, I got these for $13 each. I wish I didn`t get all 3 because I paid $40 for a bunch of stickers.

Here`s what I got:

1. Dandelions: I love this one! I love how the pieces of the dandelions fall off like in "the wind." You get control of where you want them to be and all the spacing and whatnot. I ended up putting this in my bathroom and I think it`s perfect. With the door open, you can see the stickers.

2. Glittery flowers: These are my least favorite. Although I like the glitter, I still don`t. It looks a bit tacky and the stickers have this reflection with the light that makes them look very cheap and childlike. If I could return these, I would. But I can`t since I`ve opened these and used them.

3. Japanese cherry blossom tree: I love this one. My boyfriend and I are obsessed with cherry blossom trees. I put this in my room near the floor. On the box, it shows the tree put at an angle. That`s nice, but I thought that I should utilize the empty space, which was near the floor... But maybe now that I think about it I should have put it higher -_-

-Pictures are mine.

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