My Visit to Florence amp Pisa, Italy!

5 years ago

I spent a few days in Florence, italy. Once we arrived in was raining cats and dogs! It was crazy I freakin` loved it since we were in southern Italy and it was HOT.

So we arrived a bit late because traffic was crazy. We were supposed to have a planned dinner, but since we got there late, they were unable to keep the place open. So, our tour director had to call around to find a place. She found a great place that was PACKED so we had to go down in the basement area to have dinner.

Dinner would have been good, but the meat (steak was rare and everyone in my tour group was like O.O "Wtf?" So we pretty much just drank our wine and ate whatever else was on the table. We didn`t want to say anything because we didn`t want to insult the cook. All of the Aussies were saying their food was moving though HAHA.

So anyway, my mom and I just went to our hotel after because it was late.

The next day, we made a trip to Pisa. It was gorgeous. It was such a quiet area coming in, but once you actually get there, it`s flooded with people. We could have gone up to the top of the tower, but my damn legs were swollen. So, we just walked around enjoying the view.

We were there for about 2-3 hours before we had to make our way back. It was about an hour drive back to our hotel. I`m trying to remember what it was we did in town. I believe we went on a tour to see the statue of David, but our tour guide was terrible so we left the tour guide (along with another family) and walked around. Florence is so much better when you have time to yourself to walk around.

I bought a 70 euro leather book with plain handmade blank paper. I still have yet to put anything in it. My mom went to the Lush store for the first time, she loved it. We ate lunch, explored Florence a bit more and met back with our group.

Florence was the next best thing about Italy after Capri. Tuscany is actually my dream to live in. I took a picture of it (last picture) it`s about an hour away from Florence. Maybe less. It`s just beautiful. I would love to live in a villa in Tuscany by the water. Sigh........

Anyway, my next stop was in Lugana, Switzerland/Italy. I have a ton more pictures <3

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