My views On Invisaligns

So heres the low down on invisaligns. I had mine for almost 2 years so i know the pros and cons now.
Pros: the same price as braces, you can take them off, cant really see them

Cons: clean them every morning, brush your teeth after eating and putting them on, always remember to change trays when your suppose to, cant eat with them on, cant snack (like eat a piece of chip or something) cant chew gum, cant drink dark liquids if your wearing it, cant drink hot liquids when wearing it

and there is more pros and cons but i cant think of them at the moment but you guys can probably tell im more leaning on the cons side. I hate how i cant chew gum or snack. Like a friend gave me cupcake and i couldn`t even eat it because i was wearing the invisaligns. I mean it did straighten my teeth so i was useful. But using it requires a lot of responsibly, more than braces.
If you wear invisaligns tell me if you like it.

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