My Victoria`s Secret Lipglosses!

3 years ago

While going through my makeup the other day, I decided to see just how many VS lipglosses I had. In all actuality, I used to have about twice this much before getting rid of duplicates and throwing out old, opened ones a little while ago. And in all honesty, I still feel like I have too many, lol.

The cool part about these lipglosses is that I didn`t pay for any of them! Victoria`s Secret always puts out an online coupon every once in a while for a free lipgloss with purchase, so that`s how I`ve been able to collect all these (when I started having duplicates of every one of them is when I realized I had too many, lol). Some are limited edition from holiday collections and whatnot, too. I`ll probably end up getting rid of some of the pink ones since I have a lot of them, lol.

I have some much older posts showing my VS lipgloss collection which show that I definitely had like twice this amount... but I`ve recently really been trying to get rid of a lot of things. I realized I had too much and wasn`t using it, so why hold on to it? Makeup should be about actually using the products, not hoarding them just to have a big collection. So I`ll probably be downsizing this lipgloss collection a bit more soon. I have some favorites I definitely will be holding on to, but others can probably be go. At least I got them all for free! Annnnddd it looks like a Bath and Body Works lipgloss accidentally made its way into the photo hahaha.

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