My Very First Kitty Entertainment Video!

4 years ago

ѕt tнє у : Kitty Entertainment Video #1

Hey everyone, I am so excited to introduce my Kitty-Baby with you! So I came up with this idea of posting Daily Kitty Entertainment Videos of my Pet. He really is a clown in general, so it should be some great entertainment for you guys. So his name is Boots and we chose the name for him because he has a love for shoes, but mostly, my grandpa`s boots. =] lol he loves them! Anyways, he is currently 5 years old, 14 lbs, and very spoiled. He has toys and towers and his favorite is a Yarn made mouse! You will get to see it eventually, he is forever playing with it. Besides that though, its actually the simple things he enjoys, you know besides food..hehe. He actually likes boxes, strings, watching TV, but above all...he loves to eat! He enjoys treats mostly but he will do a trick or two for just about anything. Currently on the list of tricks he has down we have: Sit, Speak, Shake, Roll Over, Wave Bye Bye, and Wipe Your Face. He catches on very but I have to say we go through so many treats. He loves Cheese [Cookies]<--as he knows them. They are a favorite cat treat of his. Anyways, hope you enjoy his grand introduction and look forward to seeing more of him. In this video I have some photos along with him doing a few tricks. Some days are better than most as far as him doing what I today we had a few takes before I settled. =) Anyways, let me know what you think.

In my own Opinion:

I love this little baby so much, he has truly been a gift. I think he is so smart and just too cute, he loves posing for a watch him go! LOL =] ENJOY.

So for those of you interested comment below and let me know what you think:

Do you think its a HIT ( ) or a MISS (_ )?

Please take note that this video DOES belong to me. I only added it to present the Kitty Baby and gather your opinons on it.

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