My Version of Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake)

4 years ago

I made this for dinner last night after watching a video on youtube. I`ve made Okonomiyaki before but that was a while ago. The recipe from the video requires several authentic Japanese ingredients which I don`t have. So I cooked it my way, my version from things I have in my fridge & pantry.

For the batter, I used flour, baking powder & dashi stock. No Japanese yam. I put cabbage, carrot & green onion. No meat. (Great as a vegetarian meal.) No pork slices. I left out seaweed & bonito flakes because my boyfriend doesn`t like anything fishy.

For the sauces, I have 1) Okonomiyaki Sauce. I made it myself from a recipe my Japanese friend told me. The ratio is 1:1:1 - being Tomato Sauce: Worcestershire Sauce: Soy Sauce & mix well. 2) Mayonnaise 3) Soy Sauce. I also had some of it with Sriracha Sauce for a bit of a spicy kick. Served it with a bowl of Miso Soup to complete the meal.

I recommend you try making this. It`s easy & delicious.

Here`s the video I`ve got the recipe from:

Bon Appetit!!

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