My Updated Macy`s haul

Hey I realized the Pic didn`t upload for the last one so,
Hi fellow Bloggers :)
So as many of you guys know, I loooove to shop. I often forget to upload ootd`s and hauls until too late, but no worry. lol.
So, today I went shopping. Remember that post from yesterday? Well, I went back and used the coupon.
While at macys, I was searching for something to bring my purchase over 50.00. That seemed simply easy, but I didn`t want it to be a "just because", and I need some bootcut jeans so I went on a hunt. They had a ton of jeans for 9.99-14.99. I found the PERFECT pair. When I say perfecct, I mean a wash I don`t own, looked awesome, didn`t fit over my but, everything and evverything. Well guess what? My perfect pair wasn`t so perfect. :/
It was a size 0 levis which is a 24" waist. But when levis says 24", they mean 24" .grrrr.. Somebody please tell me why the wwaist was so f****** big!!! >.<

I`m really irked. And it didn`t help that after doing a couple of thorough searches, I found three not one more, or pro. two but THREE of the same exact jeans...... saame exact size.
I just was like okay, deal with it. Then I asked the lady if maybe, just maybe they had size 1`s. Guess what!!!! They had ONE pair, exactly one, and none of us could find it. By that time, my mother decided she was ready to grab our things and go, right as I was ready to search other places. Great, just great. One last pair, my size, my love bold currve Levi`s prob. 14.99 and they were MISSING. I was really pissed but didn`t show it. You could hear the agitaion in my voice though. LOL. why get so worked up? I have no idea. I think it was becasue It was really hot and I was kind of overdressed and it all was just bad. ( I tried on maybe 30 pairs of jeans and only those fit.) They actually did fit, but a girl needs room to breathe.
So yeah, that`s how that went the perfect pair of pants slipped right through my fingers.
Another story, I checked out and looked at the tag. Umm.... why was the bill like 60.00? So I corrected the lady and saaid that the black jeans were on sale. lol sorry, but I was not gonna pay full price for something that..... wasn`t full price.
Yups, everything got fixed.
While searching through a billion jeans. I found this pair of Earl Jeaan shorts that I thought were super cute, ( they kinda looked like miss me`s) but then I tried them on and decided that they looked tacky AF. lol.
There was this other pair by Indigo Rein, super cute idk y I didn`t pick them up. watevs, I found these. Thought they were full price. Appareentlynot, when I went to check out, they registered as 14.70. yay Me!!! So that was a good deal, More than 1/2 off. Ummm...
And an added bonus, these shorts were 1. cutoffs, I don`t own sshort pair of cutoffs, and 2. came with a belt (a major +)
So this is my total : 41.43. You wann hear how much it was before I made the correction? : 56.57. WOOW big diff. My mom tried to tell me it was only by like 6 dollars I was like NOO!!!
SO yeah, do you like? I got the reg. price jeans for 19
the sale ones for 11.70
and the shorts for 8.99
Aren`t coupons awesome? Oh yeah, it was a rewards coupons for 20 dollars off of a 50 dollar purchase. I think I might use one of these before I return to school
Please comment, etc. below. Any jeans stories? (They are so hard to find : that perfect pair, you know?

Jesus, you don`t even know how much I had to do to upload this pic, my sis has imprints in her fingeers. idk what`s wrong w/ my bootleg camera. I won it anyways, time to buy one.

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