My Tribal Nails!

4 years ago

photos are mine, please do not take.

YAY! So i finally got a chance to redo my nails, and yay because i love doing my nails and i tend to do a different design every time, but this time i was feeling a bit tribaly and also was inspired by this tumblr photo.
So this is a tribal design and it is super duper easy and i totally love the result of it.

1. So make sure you chose your colours, it is all up to you but i decided to do with a pretty pastel shade, which is "Gumdrop" by Revlon Scented, and then wait till that dries!
2. Then get your black and i used the brush that it had, and paint a straight line in the middle. Try to go slow and steady to make it straight as possible.
3. And finally, all you need to use is the white striper, which is "White" by KISS Nail Artist. You paint the lines both sides of the black and then do a zig zag in the middle for a cool effect, if wanted you can also add some polka dots on the side of the lines but i personally liked the plain look more.

So yeah, thats basically it from this nail tutorial and it was super easy and fun to do, and i totally love it. I will probably do this again but maybe with other colours to change it up a bit.

Any questions or comments? Write below!
*photos are mine
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