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So i just did my nails as i am writing this post, and i finally did another design! haha, yay.
So i recently made a Youtube account, and i saw on this persons youtube, a nail design. I really wanted to do it myself, so it was inspired by her design. If youre wondering, the user is by "Creativenailart" and the video is called "tribal nail art tutorial".

So i actually didnt even plan this, but i used the same colours as her! Haha, it was so funny because when i looked back at the video, i was like omg, we used the same! But her is more shiny and shimmery, and mine is just plain and pastely.
So actually the tutorial was very easy, it is a short video and it is super fun and pretty for spring or summer time.
You can use whatever colors you want, but i happened to choose the same as hers.
So basicallly paint your nails like half blue and half orange. Personally i find it easier to paint the lighter one underneath and then doing the blue ontop, but it is harder since your hand has to be very steady!
Once that is done and completed, then added the black line in the middle. Then added two or three lines on its side, on each of the sides. I only did 2 because it looked like i couldnt find 3 lines, but i think that theyre both fine. Finish off with a top coat and done!

haha, it is easy, cute and fun for your nails! I actually enjoyed this one alot. Totally subcribe and check out her videos at "creativenailart" on Youtube.

- "Blue me Away!" by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear
- "Mango Madness" by ELF
- "Black" by KISS Nail Artist
- "Clear" by ELF


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*photos are mine
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