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4 years ago

As some of you may know, my college isnt in my city, so every weekend I have to travel for my home and then to my college home, which makes 2 trips in a weekend.

This is year, is my 5th year at college and I had to change every year my travel bag until I bought this one.
It sounds insane that each bag only lasts a year but my trips arent so simple, it usually involves getting a bus and 2 trains or 2 buses and a ride to home. And the sidewalk is so irregular that I tend to destroy my wheels on it.

But I finally found the perfect bag! This bag is really resistant and its not ugly at all. Its from a Spanish brand that I didnt know before I start looking for a good bag and its so light.

As you can see from the images, its brown, which doesnt make it too feminine as my last purple bag; its expandable and really resistant with a lot of space. Since it has 4 wheels is so much easier for me to move it (I carry a lot of weight).

The brand is Closter Gladiator and I bought it for more or less than 80, which is a little bit expensive for me, at a little shop at my downtown.

I wanted to share this bag with you because it is simple, is not too feminine but its not masculine either, has a lot of space, you can carry it easily because of the 4 wheels and because of its weight, but mainly because it is pretty resistant, it`s just perfectly designed.
Since its made of tissue, it doesnt scratch that easily

Overall, Im really happy that I bought it, if it gets dirty in a bus trunk, you wont notice because of the color!

Do you have a similar bag? Do you prefer 4 or 2 wheels? Do you like strict or made with tissue bags?

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