My toughts of luuux (Please read )

4 years ago

Hello luuuxers so i decided to make this point to give my opinion of this awesome website.
So i have been here for 1 year (i had another account that was closed after my two orders because i started using autosurfs as some guys here know).
So i have received an iPod touch 4g 8gb model and a barito sunglasses.
I have seen people lately complaining about luuux and about the moderators.
Moderators do an awesome work here on luuux if it wasn`t them this site would be full of spam posts etc and they review all your posts wen you make a order so you should respect them because they have a hard work here on luuux, some people say that they earn allot... of course they do because they spend allot of time reviewing your post`s whenever you make an order and see if there is spamming posts and commenting so that`s their pay for the hard work.
Another thing is some Portuguese people saying that they discriminate Portuguese people...that`s not true i have been here for 1 year and i was never discriminated, the moderator that reviewed my orders isn`t a moderator now but she was so nice, i never had problems with a moderator when i have a doubt i just message the s-mak and he helps me.
S-mak use to comment on my other account post`s and i think he is such a funny person as the other moderators so please don`t say that they discriminate Portuguese people because it isn`t true.
I love blogging here on luuux i use to blog more but now im passing a difficult moment of my life, i have panic attacks and i have a psychologist helping me pass trough this it is really bad i wish you never pass trough this.
I will try to blog more because it will help me forgetting my panic attacks.
I might travel to England and im really nervous because im afraid to have a panic attack on the plane but i hope that doesn`t happen because i want to share some things about England here on luuux.
Now talking about luuux again because talk about this makes me fell bad...
So im now saving for an ipad 3 so i will continue making good post`s as i think i do and commenting... I will reach my prize one day.
Luuux is an awesome blogging site and doesn`t deserve what people are saying about this so please stop spamming, and enjoy blogging because if you here just for the luuux`s you wont go fare and you might not get your prize.
I don`t have nothing bad to say about luuux or about the moderatores the website is awesome and haves good moderatores that help us allot.
I wish i could be a moderator some day but i think that will never happen.
If a moderator says that your post isn`t good and that you are spamming they aren`t discriminating you they are just trying to help you ;)

Sorry about this long post but it is what i think and i hate seeing people saying bad things of luuux and the moderators


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