My Top Tv Shows: MysteryCrime

CSI: LV: I really love mystery and crimes shows and CSI Las Vegas was the first show I started watching, I used to watch it when it first came in 2000. I love the characters and the plots and how creative murders. (****)

CSI:NY: I really like the location of this CSI and the like Mac Taylor as the main character. I like the different settings, that they really show the different places in New York. (****)

CSI:MIAMI: To be honest I this CSI isn`t that good, I don`t like Horatio and some of the other characters. I prefer the other CSI`s to this one. The one thing I really like about this show is the music they really do have good music and creative plots. (***)

GRIMM: I really like this show, because they have like merged mystery with fantasy, also I really liked the The Brothers Grimm stories and so I like this show! :D check it out. (****)

THE MENTALIST: This is by far one of my favorite crime shows purely because of Patrick Jane, he is an amazing character! I like the fact that they through som humor into the mix and that they tend to have very different plots per episodes. (*****)

RINGER: I really like this show it has twins, murder, mystery! Whats not to love? I like the fact that you know things that the characters don`t so you sit there yelling things at the characters hoping that they will hear you. LOL! You should give it a go! (*****)
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