My Top Tv Shows: Drama

The Vampire Diaries: this is a great show, it has been going for a couple of years now and it just keeps getting better :D. I really love Damon (YUM!) haha and I like the chemistry between the characters, I think season 2 was my favorite by far. I also like the relationships in the tv shows. You should check it out (*****)

The Secret Circle: This show is about witches nad though this isn`t my favorite show, I still enjoy watching it. Though it is kinda getting boring now, and the main character does annoy me a bit its still an ok show and so you should check it out you might like it. But I do like some of the characters and the plot is slowly picking up. (***)

Pretty Little Liars: I really LOVE this show. The characters are amazing and the writers are really good. They have managed to keep the up the mystery for quite awhile and it just keeps getting better. My two favorite characters are Hanna and Aria. If you haven`t seen this show you should definitely check it out.(*****)
The Lying Game: I really like this tv show, its cool and it has really nice characters in it. I do feel like they need to pick up the pace though because it did start pretty slow. They have done a really good job with shaping the characters too. (****)

Switched at Birth: I didn`t think I would enjoy this show but I really did, I can`t say that I like on of the main characters though (Bay), she just gets on my nerves. But i like the idea of the show and the fact that they have add an aspect that most tv shows steer away from, being deaf. I like how they make this a big part of the show, too try and spread awareness about being deaf and that it is not as much of a disability as many people think.(****)

Jane by Design: I like this show, its an interesting idea and so I enjoy watching it. This show kinda reminds me a nit of The Devil Wears Parda. I like the different situations that happen during the show and how they show what it is like to work in a high up fashion job.

SMASH: this is a really new tv show that i absolutly LOVE! I like it because it is a more realistic show about live in Broadway, also its like Glee all grown up. You hsould really check out this show. (*****)

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