My Top Tv Shows: Comedy

Ok this is just a post about some of my favorite comedy tv shows at the moment. So what has been one of my favorite tv shows for a while now is The Big Bang Theory, i love the humor in this show.....i really enjoy the fact that most of the jokes make you think a bit, they don`t go for the easy jokes like most comedies.(*****)

Another show i love is Modern Family, mainly because it reminds me soooo much of my family.....I often find myself laughing at the situations that happen in the show because they are so similar to my family life LOL.(*****)

2 Broke Girls, I only started watching this show recently and I already love it! I didn`t think I would enjoy it because previously I haven`t enjoyed things with Kat Dennings, but I was happily surprised and I love her character! If you havent watched this show yet you should check it out.(*****)

New Girl, so I really enjoy this show because Jess is so much like me and I enjoy a show that shows that not all girls are perfect and that being awkward is ok. Also, my name is Jess too so its perfect lol. I really like the characters in this show and the different situations their put in. :) (****)

A new show that I recently started watching "Rob", now though it is not the greatest show out there, I still watch it in hopes that it gets better. If you have spare time with nothing to do then I guess you can watch this show. (***)
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