My Top Bands (Not Lmfao or lady gaga)

5 years ago

It`s sad to see what music has come to if you consider lady gaga, big time rush, glee, kesha, lmfao and so on as being the best musical artists :O not to mention how sad it is to see Coldplay loosing their award to... jsutin bieber camon people...! --`

1 - Led Zeppelin... How couldn`t they top the list... Let me start by saying that I love rock so obviously Led Zep would have to top the list... Some people wuld say their music is somewhat boring and too long, but I love you... You don`t get songs like theirs anywmore... I tihnk this band was perfect... James Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham... I mean they were all so talented as indivuals and thatreflected on the band... Page`s solos are like heaven to me! My favorite song... well not trying to sound predictable but Stairway To Heaven ;)

2 - "we are the sultans, we are the sultans of swing", did you guessed ;) right DIRE STRAITS! They gotta be my favorites after Led Zeppelin, they`re so unveliably (I know I spell it wrong lol) talented that it even hurts, my favorite song... Brothers in Arms and Money For Nothing!

3 - GUNS N ROSES - I could I be a fan of rock and not love Guns ahahahah, not this guns but the old guns with Matt, Slash, Axl, Duff and Izzy, I love Axl`s voice, to me he is one of the ebst singers, I love the versatality of his voice, and Slash and Izzy of course ;) fave song... can`t decide maybe Knocking on Heaven`s Door... I dare to say their version is greater than all ever made for this song including Bob Dylan`s

4 - "we don`t need no education" PINK FLOYD :) I grew up listening to them since they`re my father`s favorite band, I don`t know what can I say diferent to Pink Fylod from what I said to the other bands... They`re just amazing right? Fave song... wish you were here!

5 - METALLICA, Metallica is literally the only band that makes me love heavy metal... well not quite... I actually feel sorry that Metallica is an heavy metal band because I think that they would rock the wrld if they submitted to rock... The songs I like from them are those where James is not yelling and the guitar seems to not be working because they are actually amazing, and James`s voice wow let me tell ya... I feel sad that James`s spends his voice yelling because on songs where they go so much for the heavy metal style they kick some ass, I think that if they went for Gun`s path they would be like my favorite band, I love the beginging of the song One and think that after the beginign it`s somwhat ruined, don`t kill em forsaying that... The Unforgiven I and II, Nothing Else Matters and somewhat Fade to Blake.... Favorite song... The Unforgiven II

6 - BEN HARPER.. He may not be a rocker but i love his songs, he`s so nostalgic and talented... Favorite song... Another Lonely Day

Then here`s other`s musical atists I appreciate such as Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Coldplay... but those are ym favorites

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