My Top 5 YT Beauty Gurus

Hi Guys! I was recently thinking of what I should blog next about and I was thinking why don`t I just do my top 5 Youtube beauty gurus?

This beauty gurus are in no particular order `cause if I may say, I love them all equally. But I just thought I`d put them in some kind of order to make it easier for you guys to read.

1. Tanya Burr (Pixi2woo)
Tanya Burr is an English YouTube Star who has just recently hit 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! She is a profession make-up artist who is passionate about all things make-up. I love her because she is really sweet and inspirational and gives amazing tips on beauty and teaches you how to do your make-up properly. I really hope I get to see her in the next meet up she does.

2. Patricia Bright (Britpopprincess)
Patty is also a British YouTube beauty guru but she is not a professional make-up artist. I really like her videos due to her giving great tips on beauty but even better fashion tips. A lot of young girls can look at her videos and feel inspired to do better due to her doing a lot of videos on helping women and letting them know how they can raise their self confidence and self-esteem. Please go check out her videos if you haven`t already and subscribe.

3. Ingrid Nelson (missglamorazzi)
Ingrid is an American YouTube beauty guru who gives amazing tips on beauty and is always telling us as viewers which are the great products to buy and which are not really worth the hype. Her hauls are always great and really a pleasure to watch!

4. Fleur (FleurDeForce)
Fleur is another English YouTube Beauty Guru which also is a blogger and has her own shop on her site: I really love looking at her videos, and I always get excited when I see another one on my notifications. Her videos are always well informed and knowledgeable and love getting tips from her. She always puts a smile to my face when I am down. :)

5. Bethany Mota (macbarbie07)
Last but not least, Bethany. Bethany is a 17 year old YouTube Beauty Guru from California who loves everything about beauty and fashion. On her vlogging channel (and sometimes on her beauty channel) she does great baking, cooking and DIY videos which are sometimes seasonal related. I love her videos because they are fun and quirky and reminds me of my best friend. I would love to meet her in person because she is truly awesome!

I hope you like my post on my Top 5 YT Beauty Gurus. I hope you will write in the comment section below who your favourite YT Beauty Gurus are and if you have not checked out any of these YT Beauty Gurus then please go and check them out.

Love ya loads!

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