My Top 5 Songs

4 years ago

This is my top 5 songs, hopefully your song line-up matches mine! Some people may not agree, but we should share our differences anyway. Here we go.

Number 5: Flo Rida with Whistle

This song is catchy, has a nice tune and sounds great.When you listen to it you might start humming or singing. The message of the song is to teach the singers girlfriend how to kiss because she hasn`t done it before, and the singer tells her its just like whistling.

Number4: Ellie Goulding with Light

This song has a good beat, and the singer expresses her voice, showing the smoothness and the delicacy involved in singing, not many people understand the meaning of the song because the meaning is in between some of the lyrics, making it very difficult to understand.

Number 3: Carly Rae Jepsen with Call Me Maybe

I know what most people think of this song, your quite right, it is annoying, but I think that is the point of the song so everyone gets the song in their head and get the singer to be more known. The song is a bit like marmite, you either love or you hate it. The message is very clear, so I don`t think I have to explain.

Number 2:Katy Perry with Wide Awake

I used to think that this song was sung by Jessie J. Turns out I was wrong.The song is actually sung by Katy Perry. This is quite a long song, but the message is about Katy Perry going through a maze of life, and how difficult it was to find the path to fame.

And at number 1:Maroon 5 with Payphone

I`m sure loads of people love this song. Its sung by the same guy who sang `Moves Like Jagger`, another great hit from the singer. The message of the song is that there is a guy with no money, and he is trying to call his girlfriend, but she will not answer on purpose, and ends up dumping him.

That is my top 5 songs, if you would like me to do more, please tell me in the comments, thank you.

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