My Top 3 Favourite Revlon Lip Butters

4 years ago

I`m pretty sure all of you guys have heard a GAZILLION times about these Revlon Lip Butters. Yes, they are AMAZING and they are my absolute faves. I`m gonna list the names of them (from left to right): 1. Berry Smoothie 2. Sweet Tart 3. Peach Parfait Okay, so I didn`t try ALL 20 of the lip butters YET, but I do own 5 of them. I`m gonna pick my top 3 faves out of these 5; however, once I do purchase around 10 of them, I probably will have a different preference on each of them, so a different "top 3 faves". Now, let`s get to the good stuff...

1. My Most Favourite: Peach Parfait
Even though the name of it is "Peach" Parfait, it doesn`t look like peaches to me. Instead, it`s like a really soft, medium shaded berry/pink colour with small hints of finely milled gold glimmers. It`s a very pretty colour, perfect for an everyday casual lip product. And yes, I WILL repurchase this shade over and over again because I think it`s that amazing.

2. My Second Favourite: Berry Smoothie
I love this shade because it`s very mature, yet casual enough to be an everyday casual lip colour (just like Peach Parfait!) It`s a medium shade natural pink, very pretty and I just love it!

3. My Third Favourite: Sweet Tart
Sweet Tart is a very sweet, happy, bright fuchsia pink shade with a hint of magenta in it. I normally like to wear this shade when I go out with my girlfriends on a Saturday night. Something about this colour screams "party time, baby!" However, it can also be turned into an everyday shade by patting it gently on the lips for a light rush of colour, or by piling a light shade (nude) on top. Either way, I do enjoy wearing this shade, definitely one of my faves!

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