My Top 2 Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes

5 years ago

There are probably hundreds of posts about neutral eye palettes that include Wet n Wild`s (249) Vanity and Maybellines (22Q) Modern Metallics in Chai Latte, but I want to give my 2 cents about it. ;)

I think these palettes would be great to bring in your purse for touch ups since they take up so little room! They`d also be great for traveling because of the same reasons. :)

Maybelline`s Chai Latte ---

I used to use Chai Latte on a daily basis. The colors are extremely natural and quite pigmented.

Although when you use a brush on the copper looking one, you need to keep packing some on to actually show the pure color of the shadow; I would advice on just using your fingers when applying this color! Other than that, the other eyeshadows show up quite well. The "lid" color is a nice creamy white and shimmery shade. For the "crease" color, it does not have any glitter in it whatsoever and is probably my favorite eyeshadow in this quad. The darkest shade has some glitter in it, but not as much as the creamy white crease color does. In addition, I do not believe it costed much when I purchased it.

Whenever I used this palette for an everyday look, I would usually use the white color on my lid, the matte brown color on my crease, and add some drama by concentrating the darkest color on my crease and the farther third of my eyes (I would also bring this color down underneath my waterline! Balancebalancebalance!).

Wet N Wild`s Vanity ---

NOW, I LOOOOVVEE USING VANITY! This is my very first Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette and I fell COMPLETELY in love with it because of how AMAZINGLY pigmented the eyeshadows are. They blend EXTREMELY well too.

My utmost favorite shade in this palette has got to be the top left one. I think EVERYONE needs that color in their collection amateur or professionals. ;) For my skin tone, I think it works beautifully as a base color for a natural eye, or as a matte highlight. As for the next shade, it`s a yellower tone than the top left one and has a lot more shimmer to it. The next tan shade is also matte. NOWWWW, this gold and BEAUTIFUL shade is my second favorite in this palette even though I don`t use it as often as the white matte one. I like using it by itself whenever it`s the winter time and pair it with a red lip. :) The darkest shade of this palette is also matte. If you caught on, the whole left side is matte and the whole right side has shimmer! Now for the last shade, it`s my THIRD favorite :) I think it`s a beautiful brown shade that reminds me of chocolate. :)

Whenever I use this palette for an everyday look, I would usually use the matte white shade on my lid, use the tan color on my crease, add on the shimmery brown color on the outer third of my eye, and build on the darkness with the matte brown shade (then I`d bring it down underneath my waterline). Sometimes I would use the white shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corner of my eye. I would also use the matte white shade as a highlight. :)

I used Chai Latte for a couple months now.
I used Vanity for about 3 months.

Haha, well this was a long post! These two are my favorite carry-along neutral eyeshadow (AND DRUGSTORE!) palettes. Though the Vanity palette is my utmost favorite one ;) Have you guys tried these palettes before? If so, what do you guys think about them? :) If not, TRY THEM!! lol. :))

*pictures above are mine!*

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