My Top 10 iPhone Apps !

5 years ago

I`ve had my iPhone for almost a year now am just now getting around to letting you guys know what my top ten applications are.

My life changed as soon as I owned the iPhone. I`ve learned tons of recipes, I can connect with my friends and family more frequently, I don`t have to carry around a camera, I am more organized, etc etc. I can honestly say that the iPhone is one of those little gadgets one should not live without.

I know people who swore that their android was much better than the iPhone but as soon as they switched they swore to never go back. That`s pretty much what happened to me as well. I used to think the iPhone was overhyped but now I know what all the hype was about. I am obsessed. I will never go back to a regular cell phone again.

Since I`ve had almost a year to try and test out apps I decided I would share with you some of my personal favorites. I believe the majority of the apps I will mention are free.

Warning: None of these are games. Although I do love my games! Maybe I will do a separate post on favorite iphone games later on.

1. Instagram: If you love to take random pictures and share them with others this is a must. I just recently started instagraming again so please follow me! http://

2. Wunderlist: I love keeping lists but sometimes lose them! Every time I go grocery shopping I make a list of the things I need and by the time I am at the grocery store I forget that I even brought a list. Having it on your phone is more convenient. I also make lists of things I have to do for the day and sometimes ideas on what to post about.

3. Waze: This is one of the first apps that I downloaded and cannot live without. It`s a free navigation app! It works just as good if not better than your traditional GPS Navigation system. A must have especially if you are always on the road.

4. Voxer: This is such a neat app! You can send voice messages to any of your friends on your contact list. It`s like a walkie talkie.

5. All Recipes: I loooove this app. I love to cook and i`ve learned so many new recipes from this app. All the recipes have step by step directions, pictures and even reviews!

6. Pandora: I am pretty sure everyone who owns an iPhone has this app. I sometimes rather listen to this than my radio because I hate all those commercials. This one has commercials too if you get the free app but they are really short.

7. CW Full Episodes: I love love loveeee 90210, The Secret Circle and Vampire Diaries but hardly ever have to time to actually sit down and watch them when they aire on TV. So instead, I watch them on my phone whenever I have some down time. By the way I cannot wait for 90210 and The Secret Circle to come back!!!!

8. Number Guru: Do you ever get a bunch of calls from numbers you don`t recognize. Rather than calling them back to find out who they are run their numbers through this app.

9. Find iPhone: This is another mast have app. iPhones are the phones that get stolen the most. If you ever lose your phone or have it stolen you can easily track it down with the help of this app.

10. Yelp: This is probably one of the apps I use the most. I never go a restaurant or any other place for that matter somewhere without reading the reviews first. Sometimes you can even score awesome discounts by checking in at certain places.

Other apps that I really love is Facebook, twitter, ebay, paypal, amazon etc but I didn`t want to mention those because those are pretty obvious.

I hope this list was somewhat helpful. What are your favorite non game related apps? Any recommendations?

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