My Tips on Weight Loss and Motivation

I am firstly, 100% going to say I am no expert. Also, in more or less ways, my tips in this post are tips that might surprise you.

I guess I might tell you guys why I want to lose weight. Not only am I overweight, but I want to look better and also be more fit and healthy. The main reason is really that I don`t see myself looking the way I want to look and I want my dream body. So I am determand to loose the weight.

So how do I try to get the motivation?

I have a number of reasons and one of them is to take care of myself. Now what does this mean? Whenever I take care of myself, I often have more confidence, therefore I feel more motivated to exercise. When it comes to taking care of myself, I often like to take care of my hair; moisturize my skin; tone and clean my skin; whiten my teeth; wear nice clothes and wear makeup. See the thing is, whenever my confidence is low, I feel like I won`t loose weight; there is no point and I really just overall feel worse. On the other hand, when my confidence is higher, I feel that even after one workout I feel better and there is probably a higher chance of loosing weight.

Now I know that my first point really might sound weird, but I do have to say its one of the reasons I loose weight; although I do have other reasons. Another way of motivation is to look at other peoples bodies. I know that most of my reasons of weight loose sound weird and I guess so does this one, but whenever I see some else`s body, I think of what I want to look like. Whenever I see a slim women, I love her body and want to work for it. Whenever I see an over weight women (forgive me), but I don`t want to be like that and I work hard to not. Looking at women I admire, they give me the motivation to want to be like them and therefore this helps me want to loose weight.

Another huge tip on loosing weight is to make it habit. When something becomes a habit, you just do it, therefore making exercising and eating healthy a habit will make everything easier. Every morning, I strive to as soon as possible get dressed and start exercising. By doing this, it gives my brain no chance to make up an excuse and I just do it. After that, I try not to buy any unhealthy food, therefore I won`t be tempted. Although I am only starting weight loss, after a while of doing this, it will become habit and therefore you will just do it.

Now I know that my tips are kind of weird. When it comes to actual tips like eat this, exercise that, I feel like I haven`t lost enough weight to give that kind of advise. I do however feel that when someone has more confidence, there will be a higher chance of motivation. I also believe that when you see a person you admire that also helps with the motivation.

Now I know first hand that loosing weight can be hard, but persistance is key. Keep going, you will get there. I hope my few tiny tips can help you.

If you guys would like me to document my weight loss journey, I shall be more than happy to. Also, if you have an advise, please let me know.


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