My Tips on How to Grow Out Your Nails!

4 years ago

Before I Start, I would just like to say that I am no professional, and these are just tips from personal experience from growing out my nails. (:

- If your nails are all uneven, cut them all to a even length, trust me it will work out better in the end!

-Lay off the nail polish..every time use you use remover, all that alcohol dries out your nails. Cause breakage.

-Protect your cuticles. I use a cuticle oil from Sally`s Beauty Supply. It really does make a difference if you have bad, dry cuticles.

-Also use a cuticle pusher that will actually give your nails a little more length without growing :)! YAY

-Drink lots of water! I used to never drink a lot of water, and I always wondered why my nails were so brittle. Then I started to drink a lot of water and my nails are a lot stronger, and brighter! -No hues of yellow.

-You are nail growth/strengthener I know O.P.I Sells a Nail Envy one.

-When not using actual polish, apply a thin layer of clear top coat, this will protect your nails from splitting or breaking.

-Take Vitamins, I don`t know much about vitamins, but I know they help with hair growth, nail growth, and overall growth hah!

-Moisturizer your skin! Preferably non-scented lotions.

I know there a tons and tons of information out there that you can look up. But this is just from my personal experience.


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