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5 years ago

Titanic is a movie made in 1997 which has been a HUGE hit since its came out and still is unforgotten. This movie is widely popular because its so touching and sweet while being extremely intense since, of course, its filmed to be at the scene of the actual Titanic which we all know hit an iceberg and sank. The movie was filmed amazingly and I love the effort the producers put into making the movie. Did you know that they acutally built a life sized ship to serve as the "Titanic" in the movie?

My Thoughts
Titanic is one my all- time FAVORITE movies because its so touching while being extremely realistic and well- filmed. I have only good things to say about this film! The two main leads chosen for this movie had great chemistry and I loved everything about the movie from the beginning. While there were occasional funny moments, it was mostly a beautiful movie. It broke my heart when Jack died by freezing in the water to let Rose stay on the wooden raft and live. When Rose discovered that Jack had died, I was so sad and I cried. The actors portrayed the scenes extremely well and when Rose realized that Jack had died, I was in the state of denial that she was in as well. Then when she swam over to a frozen man and whistled for a life boat to come and save her after she had accepted that Jack was gone, I was overwhelmed by how quickly she had realized and how well she thought in even times of sorrow. Although I loved the movie, I think that the most touching part was at the end when Rose died in her bed and the end shows pictures of Rose riding a horse the real way, marrying another man, and having kids like Jack told her she would righe before he died. In the end, Rose is shown being reunited with Jack on the boat as she fades away into death. It was so touching how she did everything Jack told her and lived his dream before she died. What added to the sadness was the MUSIC which was amazing <3

All in all, Titanic was the most beautiful movie I have ever watched. Have you watched it before?

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