My Thoughts on Rihanna and Chris Brown!!

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers,

I am so over the fact that people are hating on Chris Brown and Rhianna. I may say somethings in this post that you might not agree upon. I am sick and tired of the media, press and basically the world discussing the negative aspect of Rihanna and Chris Brown. I understand that they are famous and have many fans that look up to them but in the end they are just people like me and you. People MAKE mistakes it happens good or bad it is just in a human nature. Noboday is perfect except God almighty!! The domestic violence that happened between Rihanna and Chris Brown was horrible point blank. I do not condone violence especially towards women. We do not know the events that lead up to the attack because they do have some privacy. We are only going on the result but regardless of the issues between them it should not have turned to physical violence. This occurred years ago since then Chris Brown last lost fans, money and respect. He paid for his mistake!!! I do not care what anybody says people that were once in love still hold on to the postive parts of it. I am 100% sure that they were actually happy with there relationship but things turned sour. Rihanna has since found herself coming back to Chris Brown. There is a thing called FORGIVENESS!! It is in the bible!! I believe people can change so why is it hard for people to forgive him. He admitted he made a mistake in which in he paid for!!! I can say regardless of what Chris Brown did he is still an amazing singer and performer. I think it is crazy how they ridicule him for succeeding. I think it crazy how people are blowing a freaking collabaration like it them getting back together. Its a SONG nothing more nothing less. They are obviously above the past because they are living for the present. I think that if they did get back together it would be a wrong move and i would be highly upset. I love Rihanna voice as she is one of my favorite singers. I think it is time for people to stop being so NEGATIVE and stuck on the PAST to see that they are trying to show forgiveness. If you have never been through domestic violence then you do not really know how it feels. I have friends that has had some encounters with a abusive boyfriend. They left the situation but they forgave them because why hold on to negative parts!! I had to get this out just so fustrated with world down talking two great artists!! Regardless of the past problems they are still great singers and have many fans that support them!!! xoxo Tasha

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