My Thoughts On Revlon Lip Butters amp Other Revlon Items On Sale

I`ve had these Revlon Lip Butters for a while and I`ve enjoyed them. Of course, I love lip products. Since these were marketed to be as moisturizing as a lip balm with color as pigmented as lipsticks, I knew I was curious. My lips get chapped and they peel quite often. It`s very frustrating and uncomfortable. One turned into 3 and I`m not going to get any more.

Well, actually I am considering getting more at CVS, because
Revlon products are spend $15, get $7 Extrabucks this week with your ExtraCare card, in store only.
However, even though this reward `excludes clearance items,` when I bought the Revlon Color Stay Nail Enamel in Coastal Surf on clearance for $2, my receipt stated that $2 counted towards the Revlon Extrabucks reward.
I think that happened, because when I scanned the nail polish, it still recognized it as non-clearance item and rang up full price, so I had to ask a cashier person to help me punch it in as $2.00.

Also, little did I know Ulta is having a 40% off sale on Revlon, Nyx, Almay & Physicians Formula, which is fantastic, but I do not have an Ulta near me. Well, I sort of do, but it requires making a trip out and that`s just not worth it to me and I don`t want to pay for shipping.

(Purchase these nail polishes at Ulta for $4.79 each, typically around $8.)

Also, all Revlon mascaras are $7 this week with your Extracare card, in store only.
I actually have been wanting to try the Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara.

(Purchase this mascara from Ulta for $4.79, typically around $8.)
(Purchase this mascara from Target for $4.99, typically around $8.)

I also want to try the Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Liner.

(Purchase from Ulta for $5.39, usually around $9).

Back to the lip butters. Sorry I got distracted, but at least I wrote about deals that are still going on this week.
(Purchase from Ulta for $4.49, usually around $8.)

Here are the 3 I have...
L-R: Creme Brulee, Pink Truffle, Gum Drop

I also have them swatched on my lips below. As a reference, here is what my lips look like when they are bare. Today they`re not too dry, because I`ve been forcing myself to maintain them. That`s why I was brave enough to take pictures.

Creme Brulee looks quite sheer, but the color is more opaque than it shows up on my lips. I think the color is just doesn`t show up that well against the natural color of my lips. If I were going for an effortless nude lip, this would be all I need. All it does is give me
a barely-there-slightly-nude shine.

Pink Truffle is almost like a sheer red on me. Well, it`s not really sheer, but on me, I don`t think it looks pink, a deeper shade than pink for sure. The color I like a lot. The opacity is very good, so this one I would definitely use a mirror to apply so I don`t end up looking frighteningly like Ronald McDonald.

Gumdrop is a color I don`t think most people would go for. It`s a pale lilac shade that you might think is too light or too strange to be a lip color. But it`s quite unique and that`s what attracted me to this shade. Here I don`t think it looks too bad. I guess you`d have to see it on my whole face to judge if it washes me out or makes me look dead. I think as long as you balance it out with your eye makeup, it should be fine. I wouldn`t know how to achieve that, because I`m a makeup dummy. =]

Packaging is okay. I like the quilted caps, because they look chic. The clear tops also make it very easy to see the shade of the color. I like little efforts that help consumers make better informed decisions. However, I think that the clear plastic look of it make them look juvenile and cheap. That`s a small thing that doesn`t really matter though.

Quality is something I`m very impressed with. I don`t just think this is a new trendy fad. It applies very easily and smoothly. So far I`ve been very happy with the colors I got as well as their opacity. I know a lot of people say they`re VERY moisturizing. That is true when compared to other lipsticks, but this is marketed as a lip butter, so I thought it would be even more moisturizing. Instead the slick formula sort of just sits on top of my lips. It does moisturize, just not as much as I would like it to. For someone who doesn`t really have dry lips, the moisture is just fine.

Overall, I have been enjoying these Revlon lip butters a lot. Now that I know what a lip butter is, it makes me want to try more of the Revlon ones in other colors as well as lip butters from other brands. (I know I should be happy with what I have and so I`ll restrain myself.)

Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to drop by!

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