My thoughts on Nyx Stay matte not flat

5 years ago

Can you really Stay Matte but not Flat with NYX?

Honestly, the only reason I got this one was because I went on a shopping trip with my sister in law and she mention how creamy this powder felt. Please keep in mind she is 14 and knows nothing about makeup but when she said that, I thought to myself "if she thinks that`s creamy, then it must be really creamy" so i went back to Ulta on a different occasion and picked it up. I wore this the first time over a Stila tinted moisturizer and let me just say that the application is AMAZING! It gives your skin an effect that I have never ever seen with any other foundation. My skin looks poreless, and beautiful but it`s a shame that effect only lasted about an hour. I noticed the foundation started oxidizing and changing colors almost as soon as I got to work, by noon, my face was like 4 shades darker than my neck and it was oilier that a large order of McDonald`s french fries.

I then decided to try it over a regular foundation because I thought "maybe it was the tinted moisturizer that caused it" so I chose my Revlon Colorstay foundation for this test. The oxidizing was less but the oil problem was the same so I really don`t understand how a "stay matte" product can cause such a bad oil problem ESPECIALLY WHEN I HAVE DRY SKIN! That`s something I forgot to mention to you all, I have very dry skin but when I wear this product, I don`t know it turns on my natural oil faucet on or something but it is no bueno. I`m sure you can understand why I wouldn`t want to post pictures of my skin like that but hopefully you can all take what I said into consideration. I suggest that if you want to give this product a try, wait till it goes on sale or something because it is not worth the $12.99 and no, I`m not cheap, it`s just not even worth that.

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