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Hello guys !

Everybody was complaing on luuux (including me ) but like i said before, luuux is like our parents. We complain on them but we still love them. I was only upset about luuux share links but now i understand how it works.I know i know we don`t need to do anything just write posts and we will get some amaizing prizes. It`s really great. I just want to write one thing. "=)=)" wrote a post about medorators and she told us her opinion. I want to add something to this.
Lots of you guys told that we should write longs posts with our pictures not only HIT or MISS or HOT or NOT but... Please, notice that we are not all from UK or America. I mean english is not our first language ! We are learning it in our schools but it`s not our first language ! Try to write long, unique posts in some other language. Yeah it will be hard. And not just only one post but hundred of them ! It`s difficult for me but i am trying, i don`t copy and just paste. I am not saying that two sentences with " hello guys. i love this top, bye" are ok because they are not. So please, don`t be that hard for people from other countries and languages :)
And other thing that i want to write is... please don`t judge other people that easy. I would say about me This is very private for me but i want to show you that everything is that easy. I write in most about HOT or Not and HIT or MISS posts. I wrote maby only 5 posts about my OOTD and new purchases but... the reason is not that i am lazy or writing hot or not is just easier. The reason is that i am ill. This is incurable disease. I spend my whole days in home, i just go to school for 45 minutes by taxi because i want to end the school. I am taking lots of tabs, i spend half of my life in the hospitals. I am not writing it because i want to hear " oh so sorry to heard that, that`s scary". I just want to show you that you have to look at every person individually. I would love to write more posts about how was my outfit, but i am sooo tired i don`t go anything, literally. I haven`t seen my friends since... i don`t even know, my whole life is just in my home. But i am trying and sometimes i wrote what have i bought i shows you my outfit but i rather write about celebrities than about my sad life.
So please, again don`t judge people that easily :)

That`s all what i want to tell you.

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